Movie Review: Gone Girl

Salam dears,
This is one scaaaryyy movie! Gone Girl ni bukan crita hantu yer, but it's really twisted & scary! It really is a psychological thriller.

In a way, Mama rasa movie ni is also about how some people & some relationship is just about putting up appearances. Bila in public, nampak macam happy & nothing wrong. But in private, you never know what their relationship is really like. Macam watak Amy & Nick ni lah.

Sepanjang crita tu Mama asyik dok pikir "biar betul dia buat camtu... Perghhh gila laa pompuan tu!". Pastu pikir, kalau betul lah ada orang macam watak pompuan tu, mintak dijauhkan lah daripada my family & I. 

Official trailer Gone Girl

Sinopsis: GONE GIRL – directed by David Fincher and based upon the global bestseller by Gillian Flynn – unearths the secrets at the heart of a modern marriage. On the occasion of his fifth wedding anniversary, Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) reports that his beautiful wife, Amy (Rosamund Pike), has gone missing. Under pressure from the police and a growing media frenzy, Nick’s portrait of a blissful union begins to crumble. Soon his lies, deceits and strange behavior have everyone asking the same dark question: Did Nick Dunne kill his wife? (source)

Part endingnya je cam kureng skit, macam tetiba je crita tu habis. But boleh pikir sendiri lah what happens after that. Overall, this is a must watch movie. Definitely.

Note: Jangan tengok movie ni ngan anak anak tau, tak sesuai...