A Letter to Sandra Azwan

As salam dears.
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A Letter to Sandra Azwan

Dear Sandra,
I am not a fashion fanatic.   I don't follow the ups & downs of the fashion world.  I don't care much about the latest fashion trends.  I don't really wear clothes that are 'in'.  Mostly, I’d just go for convenience rather than fashion.

But the first time I stumbled across Life With Sandra, I was hooked.  It was love at first sight.  Because there’s so much beauty there.  Your designs are not just fashion - they're works of art.

I get excited every time I see your sketches - beautiful

Who are these lovely ladies?

Fashion illustrations - love them! 

The new chic in town - H.O.T!
Can't wait to see more of these.

When you first unveiled your new blog header, i was totally blown away!  So detailed, so lovingly drawn.  The colors - vibrant.  As my hubby said - very stylo ;-)  When I look at it, I know that Life With Sandra is gonna be much, much more exciting in the future.


Though I do not know you personally and we’ve never met, I can’t help but feel proud of all your achievements.

Future Hybrid
Bold & beautiful

Alyah in Sandra Azwan


Man of style - that's definitely YOU

It's clear that you love what you do.   You are so sooo lucky my dear, coz not everyone gets the chance to live their dream.  I believe it in my heart that for you Sandra, the possibilities are endless.  You are style personified and you've got the whole world in your hands. 

Good luck Sandra, all the best in your career and your life undertakings.

Warmest regards,
Mama Kembar 3


U guys should check it out too, he's absolutely brilliant.  And jangan lepaskan peluang untuk dapatkan a FREE blog header designed by Sandra himself, the promo is on until end-March 2011.  

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Wish us luck!

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