For All Chocolate Lovers...

Salam dears,
Mama tengah baca buku 'The Chocolate Run' by Dorothy Koomson & came across this quote:

'true strength is being able to eat a bar of chocolate without feeling guilty'

Owhhh...I like that quote the very, very much.  Now I know that I am a strong, strong women lahh... coz malam smalam Mama baru je makan one biggg bar of chocolate & tak rasa bersalah langsung! hahahah! *mode nak sedapkan hati sebab makan coklat tengah malam hehe*

Another cute quote from that book yang I like:

'hmmm, a man or chocolate - put it this way, you'll never be sat around waiting for a bar of chocolate to ring you' 

Haa.. betoi kan, betoi kan? hehehe...sorry guys, jangan marah *wink*wink*

So to all chocolate lovers out there, remember that everytime korang makan coklat, YOU ARE STRONG! hehehe ;-)
Chocolate shoes! 
Owhhh...purrrfect for chocolate & shoes lover = Me, Myself & I! hehehe


Choc shoes ni dijual oleh Gayle’s Chocolates wokeh, tapi tatau laa halal or not...

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