A little introduction

From left: Fahmi, Faris & Fauzi

My hubby & I have been blessed with triplets - identical boys - born on 4th September 2008, after 4 years of marriage and 2 failed pregnancies.

Our life have been a wonderful adventure ever since (even though always kelam kabut & tak cukup tido hehe)
so we just wanted to share our happiness and experiences with the world :-)  

My little angels just turned 2 yrs old a few days ago.

Mama & Ayah loves u all sooooo much XOXO

They grow up too fast lah.. skit ari lagi dah start skolah, pastu masuk uni, pastu keja, pastu mama dpt menantu plak... hmm... jauh lagi tuh hehe ;-) 

Jumaat ni raya...org lain sibuk buat preparations, mama sibuk create blog hahaha!